All of our dogs and puppies are kept in private foster homes around the Triangle; the foster knows their dog the best so can answer your questions about the animal. You can list many dogs on your application and only need to submit one application to adopt. (CFP adoption events are also a good place to meet several dogs at one time!)

Once your application is received, our Care Team may have questions for clarification; if not, they will forward the application to the foster(s) who will reach out to you with more information about the dog and to set up a meeting if they feel you are a good fit for their foster. Please bring all the household members (both furry and human) to the initial meeting of the CFP dog. We want to be sure everyone gets along!

After meeting the dog, please email if you’re interested in moving forward in adopting that dog or if you want to meet another dog. When making the decision to adopt, we look at the application itself, the interaction with the dog, the care of your pets, if your family is a good match and the input from the dog’s foster.


Once a match is made, both the foster and the adopter feel the dog is a good match, then we will process the application. CFP charges a $25 application fee at this point. It will go toward your adoption fee, but is not refundable should the adoption not go through. Once the fee it paid, CFP contacts your two personal references, check your pets’ history with your vet and contact landlords, if applicable.

DENYING AN ADOPTION: We reserve the right to deny an application. We are striving for the best interest of our foster dogs and the public. Some reasons for denied applications (not a full list): dogs in the home (or past dogs) are not up to date on vaccines or on heartworm preventative; the inability to show a history of pets being kept up to date; pets in the home are not spayed/neutered; breed or size restrictions on the property; negative input from personal references, not paying for/signing the contract within three days.

We will contact you in 5-7 days with the outcome of the application. During the processing of the application, we will not process any other application on that dog and fosters will not conduct other meet and greets on the dog. (However, if the foster already has a meeting scheduled for their dog, our fosters have been instructed to honor their prior commitment to other applicants.)

If the application if approved, you will receive an email outlining the steps to complete the adoption. The adoption is not finalized and you cannot pick up your new pet until all steps are taken (including your signing and contract and paying the adoption fee – minus the application fee).


Click here for Canine Adoption Application

By submitting the DOG ADOPTION APPLICATION, you are indicating that your current and past pet(s) have a history of being current on vaccines, spay/neuter and have been on heartworm preventative. If you have any questions about this please, email BEFORE applying for a CFP dog.