If you are looking for a best friend for life, look no further than Harper. This 80-pound gal is not only is she beautiful, but she is the most loyal and devoted girl you will ever meet. Harper needs a confident, yet gentle leader. Once Harper trusts her human, he will do ANYTHING for you. This confident, yet gentle leader cannot be swayed by her EXTREME cuteness.Harper will make you laugh as she bounces between bones and chasing ice cubes around on the slick floor, and will turn her belly up for a good scratch. She is a lovable “snuggle bug,” but requires rules and structure. Remember I said that Harper is a confident dog? Once you are her people, she will love you and protect you with everything she has. She needs a leader that teaches her that you have her back so she can relax. Harper is extremely well mannered in the house, crate trained, house broken, and walks very well on a leash without distractions. Harper wants to have canine companions, but she just doesn’t know how to stop being the boss.

She needs to be an “only child” and will do best with an experienced dog owner. Harper does well with adults, but should not be in a home with children. She may try to boss them around. A professional trainer is working with Harper as she’s a little weary of strangers and keeps trying to boss her foster sibling around.

Watch Harper “play bow” here: https://youtu.be/Bwzq-wWgjDo