Adventurous Abbey!! 


Abbey loves all water — from playing in streams to standing in a baby pool on hot summer days. She’s good with other dogs, but would be fine as an only dog — she just wants to be close to her person!! As much as she loved hiking and exploring, she is also content to lounge on the couch and let you give her belly rubs! As you can see, Abbey is great with kids ….

Abbey is terrier mix who is about 1.5 years old. She loves being outside chasing balls and will run the quickest laps you have ever seen! She loves riding in the car (but will bark loudly at pedestrians and bikers who get too close to your vehicle).

Abbey is part of our November Mama Pitty Party adoption special … her adoption fee is $95 through he end of November. The “Mama Pitty Party special if for three wonderful mamma dogs who had remarkable litters with CFP, and the pups are all adopted! The Pitty Party special includes Abbey, Sadie and Presley!