Ford: CFP Pet of the Month

Meet Ford.

His fosters recognize what an incredible dog he is and have been working with a professional trainer to help him reach his full potential. He is just over 1-yearold and knows how to sit, lay down, wait for his food, come, and drop the ball when playing fetch. Ford is a total lovebug in the house; he likes to snuggle with his fosters and their dog He is dog selective and can be aggressive with dogs he does not like; however, he is living nicely with a female.

He is not at all food aggressive and is very food/treat motivated which has helped with his training. Ford does best out of a crate – he is not a destructive dog, but being crated does stress him out. Ford has some issues with his hips – as is so common with shepherd mixes. The vet sees no medical reason for this and feels he may have been injured at some point and so is now protective of this area.

His fosters are steadily brushing him which is helping with desensitizing his backside, but he does tend to be protective of his hind quarters.

If you would like to meet Ford, please give us an application at