With your help we can prevent the euthanization of innocent animals by rescuing them from over crowded shelters in Wake and surrounding counties. We work to protect, nurture, and find permanent homes for the animals we rescue.

We are always accepting applications for volunteers and foster parents. Volunteers are key in helping with our administrative duties and special events. Foster parents are desperately needed to be caregivers while the animals await their permanent homes. Volunteers and foster parents are crucial to the success of our mission and future programs.

Cause For Paws of North Carolina is a non-profit operated solely by volunteers with no central kennel or shelter location – our animals are all in private homes, so if it weren’t for our wonderful foster families, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Being a foster with Cause for Paws is a rewarding experience as you are helping us save animals while giving back to your community. We can only rescue the amount of animals that we have fosters for so we are always looking for new fosters. We provide you with with all of the supplies and needed vet care — you provide the dog or cat with love, companionship and guidance. Our rescues are of all breeds, ages and sizes. We work with you and your household to make sure that you are matched up with a rescue(s) that will fit well in your home. However, please keep in mind that most of our animals are rescues that have come from shelters, abusive situations or found as strays and may have issues that need patience and a kind heart. Usually, a rescue animal will come out of their shell within the first few days of being in a foster home and you can get to know their true personality. There are some cases where it may take longer, but with your help, they can feel safe, secure and be socialized again.

Just as we work to find the right foster dog for you, Cause for Paws also works hard on finding the right forever home for our rescues. Therefore, the fostering commitment can last from a few days to even months — just depends on the animal.

Please keep the following things in mind to help you and your family decide if you are willing to take on this commitment:

– Please provide care and affection for your foster such as socialization, healthy practices, and some basic training.
– Keep your foster dog on a leash at all times, even in dog parks, until you learn about their personality and social skills.
– We require your foster animal to ALWAYS wear its identification tag, to ensure its safe return should he/she get lost.
– We provide all necessary supplies, but always appreciate donations as well.

If a foster animal is not working out, normally we need up to 72 hours to find another foster for the animal.
As a foster, if the animal gets lost while in your care, please help us find them by notifying us immediately, posting flyers, posting on Craigslist, etc.
We rely on our fosters for pictures and descriptions, or “bios”, of the animals for our website and other adoption listings. Your detailed information/updates will help the animal find their loving forever home faster.

Once you are approved to become a foster, we provide you with a foster packet full of valuable information, contact numbers/emails, etc. for your reference. This ensures that all goes smoothly for your household and for the foster animal.

If you would like to volunteer as a foster and help save an animal’s life, please complete and submit the application found above.

Thank you in advance for your interest in becoming a foster!