2019 Fundraisers

Due to the generosity of our incredible CFP Nation, we are able to take in the most difficult cases, including dogs with severe medical needs.

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The Cause for Paws “Have a Heart Campaign” is an international awareness campaign dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and education of Heart Worm Disease.  As a rescue we have created this campaign to raise money for the dozens of Heart Worm positive dogs we take in and treat within the rescue, and also to empower the public with the knowledge and tools to prevent their families from ever having to go through the difficulties, and expenses of Heart Worm disease. Out goal is $6000, which should cover the majority of the treatment for the heartworm positive dogs we take during 2020. You can help the following ways:

The symbol for the “Have a Heart Campaign” is an animal focused heartbeat line.  This imagine represents life, endurance, love, and the importance of preventative care.

During the month of February you can expect to see us posting the “cold heart facts” about Heart Worm Disease, the best practices to protect your pet, and happy stories of Heart Worm positive CFP dogs we have treated.  You will have the opportunity throughout the month to donate to our Heart Worm treatment fund, and all contributions are tax deductible.

The most important thing to know about Heart Worm Disease is that it is avoidable!  We are so excited to launch this campaign and see the pawsitive impact it will on CFP Nation, and beyond! ♥️

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Hike for Hounds – one of our largest fundraisers. Business who are interested in sponsoring should email
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