End of 2018 Medical Fundraisers:

$5,000 goal to cover current cases

Due to the generosity of our incredible CFP Nation, we are able to take in the most difficult cases, including dogs with severe medical needs. You can see some of the dogs below!

Click on the fundraisers below to see you you can help raise money:

And tax deductible donations can always be made online

Who are you helping?

  • Babbles: leg surgery
  • Elvis: Torn CCL – surgery needed
  • Ember: Mega-E
  • Harvey: Surgery to remove an eye
  • Lucky Linus: Two surgeries to remove bladder stones
  • Nina: Rickets
  • Noah: Canine teeth both cracked, need extracted
  • Oscar: Heartworms
  • Prince: Heartworms and Lyme’s disease
  • Tacoma and Tahoe: Ringworm