Percy’s Story

CFP-NC has a strong belief that all dogs deserve a chance, even the ones with higher medical needs. Some would disregard them and not think they have a chance. We go out of our way to give them a chance. Percy was one of those, we got a call from the shelter and we sprang into action. Harley, Percy’s foster and now adopter tell his story best.

Have you seen the movie 50 First Dates? CFP alumni Percy is the dog version of Drew Barrymore’s character. Percy will always have the mind-set of an 8-week-old puppy, even though he will be 3 years old in November. He will never understand that he is an adult dog, meaning that every day with Percy is a new day!

Percy was rescued by CFP at 8 weeks old after being surrendered to the shelter for falling out of a 2nd story building. He suffered a brain bleed, required two leg surgeries, is vision impaired, developed arthritis and scar tissue build-up, and is epileptic. Percy required an MRI and extensive testing at NC State to learn about his disabilities. Prior to anti-seizure medication, he would have 25-30 epileptic episodes a day and could not even stand firmly enough to safely eat or drink without constant monitoring. With medication, he has not had any episodes in several months and can securely eat or drink with ease! Percy can now run and play with other dogs but is watched closely, so he doesn’t overdo it. His vision impairment does not affect him at all, as dogs live happily all the time with vision impairments or completely blind. Percy has accomplished walking, eating/drinking, playing, and learning how to function in everyday life. Some of these things may sound minor, but for Percy they were huge!

My husband and I fostered Percy but decided that no one knew his quirks quite like we did, so on November 25th, 2017 we officially became his furever family! We were so grateful that CFP gave him the fighting chance he deserved that we started our own dog business and called it Percy’s Pup Stuff.

We carry toys, clothes for you and your pets, treats, bones, and more at! Want to know the best part about our business? We donate a portion of the proceeds to CFP monthly! Words that have always stuck with me were from CFP’s program director, Nicole Kincaid- she said, “you are his voice, tell us what he needs.” Right at that moment, I knew that CFP was going to do whatever it took to give Percy the best chance at a happy life. Special needs animals require patience, but to watch them overcome so many challenges will make your heart so happy. We, and Percy’s Pup Stuff, are proud to contribute to CFP to help other special needs dogs, just like our Percy!

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