Pet of the Month – Mia


mia collage - cause for paws - pet adoption

At this point Mia is basically homeless and without a foster. We have just 2 or 3 days at the most to find her a safe, loving, and structured foster home. Mia is a young, special needs pup that is unsocialized. She is curious about other dogs but does not appreciate it when they get to close to her, Extended close contact, particularly around her face does not please her at all. Based on this fact, we are searching for a foster home that has no other dogs. Mia needs one-on-one attention and lots of love. We are hoping that there is someone out there reading this who has no other dogs OR has the structure and time to tend to Mia’s issues. Someone who has been thinking about fostering again who knows that their time and effort will result in the saving of another innocent dog’s life. A CFP Volunteer has been handling and testing Mia out for the past 6 days.

Our volunteer reports that when at home, Mia is a sweetheart and submissive. She is even ok meeting strangers. Mia is a young dog who has been through one crisis after the next. She needs a chance to settle in to a stable environment. She needs someone who can establish a routine for her so that she can thrive. Mia needs to receive training so that she can grow into the wonderful companion that we believe she will be. We are not sure about Mia’s exact breed but she is gorgeous. She looks like a Staffordshire Terrier mixed with Boxer. She is small in stature but is very strong. She has not been trained to walk on a leash but did OK when we tested her yesterday as long as she is not right beside another dog.

If you can help us now and by fostering and providing Mia the training and love she needs to thrive, please email our animal coordinator at as soon as possible, for further information on pet adoption. The clock is ticking and the time we have to save her is limited to just a couple of days.

Even if you cannot foster, please share this post to help us get the word out about this search for a new foster home for Mia.

Thank you!

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