Congratulations on your New Family member!

Congratulations on your new puppy!  We are so excited you decided to adopt from Cause for Paws and hope there are many happy years ahead for you both! Your pup is now “CFP Alumni” so we hope you’ll join us for future events and keep sending us updated photos as s/he becomes a dog!

Now that your puppy is home with you, here are a few tips to get you on your way:

  • Set-up your puppy’s crate and introduce them to it in a very positive way
  • Agree on words to use in your home: if one person says ‘down’ another says ‘off’ and a third person says ‘no’, you will one confused puppy on your hands!
  • Get your puppy their very own collar and ID tag with your phone number (there are a lot of suggestions to NOT put the pup’s name on it – just phone number/address).
  • Call your vet and let them know you have a new family member! While puppy boosters and spay/neuter are covered under your adoption fee, you should get established with a vet. CFP uses Magnolia Animal Hospital; Paws at Play; and VCA at Durant Road and highly recommend all three.
  • Start looking for puppy obedience classes and look at the suggested reading on tips for raising your puppy. (See below for some resources)
  • Remember everything is new to your pup: new smells, new rules, new words. Have patience in the beginning while you both adjust. Finding a fur-ever home is AWESOME – but it can also be stressful.
  • Have a great time together and embrace puppyhood!

When Can I Take My Puppy Out? 

Puppies should have 3 -4 sets of parvo/distemper vaccines depending on what age they started. Your puppy’s vaccine history and due dates for future boosters – if not complete – were attached on your congratulations email. Until they have had their full set of vaccines, puppies are not immune to dangerous viruses like the Parvovirus. Until that series is complete, we advise only letting your pup around dogs you KNOW are fully vaccinated.

The rabies vaccine cannot be given until 4 months of age. We recommend avoiding dog parks until your dog has that vaccine.


It is never too soon for training …. even the youngest puppy can benefit socially from classes. Click here for local trainers.