Like many of our foster dogs, Lulabelle has a sad story. She was hit by a car and a good samaritan brought her to a vet CFP uses. They contacted the owner who couldn’t pay for her treatment and didn’t want her back. They called us and we said of course we will help.

We thought at first her leg was going to be saved, but as time wore on, she was not using it, it was loosing muscle and it bothered her. After doing all we could to save it, it was evident that she needed it amputated.

On Jan 16th she has the surgery to have her front leg amputated. Most dogs BOUNCE back from this surgery and she is young and will do wonderful as a tri-pod! The vet said it was a good surgery and she is doing great in recovery!

These are the dogs that CFP takes that costs us just a bit more then the average dog and we will never stop! Please consider making a donation to help pay for surgeries like Lulabelle!