CFP-NC relies on the generosity and love of our fosters to help us find

fur-ever homes for dogs and puppies. As a foster, you provide love, training, support for your foster dog: treat is as you would treat your own beloved pet! CFP will support you with supplies, cover medical needs (including monthly heartworm and flea preventatives), and help market your dog both online and at regular adoption events!

The majority of dogs in our foster care are from shelters. These dogs may have been abandoned, neglected, possibly even physically or mentally abused. Others are stray so we have little knowledge of their history. They may not have been well trained or well cared for before coming to us while other dog had homes and families at one time.

We need fosters willing to keep dogs until they are adopted — and we also need temporary fosters to help out for certain dates! Please fill out the foster application to join our weekly (and sometimes more often) email list of dogs and puppies needing fostering!



Watching a dog go from unloved in a shelter to bounding away from your loving care with a new fur-ever family is worth every bit of hard work, heartache, and love that you invest in a foster dog.

WHY WE FOSTER is a classic CFP video filmed years ago, but it still holds true!